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Home Nurse

Helping Patients Maintain Their Independence

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Service Description

A Home Health Nurse is responsible for traveling to a patient's home to administer their services and helping patients maintain their independence. Home Health Nurses visit patients in their own homes to deliver medical care when a patient (or their family) is unable to care for themselves. You may think of Home Health Nurses as mainly helping elderly adults who are struggling with dementia or ailments that limit their mobility, but the illnesses Home Health Nurses treat go beyond that. These Nurses care for everyone from the elderly to the mentally ill to those recovering from surgery. Just like Registered Nurses (RNs) working in a hospital setting, Home Health Nurses can expect to tackle a wide variety of job duties, including duties like taking vital signs, helping patients with mobility issues, cleaning wounds, and administering medication. Teaching also comes into play as a Home Health Nurse, such as educating a patient recently diagnosed with diabetes, or instructing a patient and their family about the signs of heart failure. Prosperity Health can provide these in-home services by medical professionals you usually would have to leave the comfort of your home to see. We may also be able to coordinate other services as well, such as personal care, just drop us an email of your idea and we will let you know if we can get this done.

Contact Details

(978) 574-9988

By Appointment Only 100 Cummings Center suite 118 e, Beverly, MA 01915, USA

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