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Providing Medication, Treatment, & Consultations

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Service Description

Coordinating the filling of your loved ones prescriptions in a pill packaging system as well as ensuring the safe prescribing & dispensing of medication to patients is a core function of a Pharmacist. Pharmacists ensure that patients not only get the correct medication & dosing, but that they have the guidance they need to use the medication safely & effectively. They provide consultations & answer inquiries from patients, families, physicians & other healthcare professionals regarding drugs and their uses. A home visit service by Community Pharmacists for those unable to visit local pharmacies have both health & resource benefits.... Some have shown reductions in visits to health practitioners, improved identification & resolution of medicine related problems, as well as improved compliance. Providing Medication, Treatment & Equipment In-home Pharmacists prepare, dispense & deliver medications to patients in line with their care plans. In cases where patients can't administer their own medications or therapies, they may take on some treatments directly. The role may also involve delivering & setting up DME & supplies to support patients' treatment needs over time. Evaluating & Monitoring Patients Pharmacists help assess patients to make sure the medications & therapies in their care plans are suitable for them. They may also make site visits to ensure environments meet treatment standards. Pharmacists monitor patients on an ongoing basis, ordering regular tests as well as interpreting results. Educating & Counseling Patients Part of the Pharmacist's job is to ensure patients understand their care plans, therapies & medications, along with giving advice on how they should manage their own care. This may also involve educating family members, caregivers or other medical staff. If patients can't administer their own treatments, Pharmacists teach them how to use drugs & equipment. We also cover safety protocols, such as managing medical waste, needles and hazardous medications. They give advice on nutrition & lifestyle issues, & provide general support & counseling in person. Working as Part of a Care Team Although in-home Pharmacists work independently with patients, they are typically part of a broader care team. Part of the role involves updating your physician on patient progress, making recommendations on medication or therapy changes as appropriate. For example, a Pharmacist might recommend a change of dosage or alert to any problems.

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(978) 574-9988

By Appointment Only 100 Cummings Center suite 118 e, Beverly, MA 01915, USA

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